Thursday, October 9, 2008

Sable Literary Magazine publishes poems

In their latest edition, Sable Literary Magazine have published some of my poems. In a telephonic chat with editor Kadija (George) Sesay July this year, when I was in London, Kadija told me they had to send the poems to the venerable Dr Jack Mapanje first. I am happy Dr Mapanje found them worth publishing.

Looks like my poetry has been found worth publishing in a few places lately, like A Hudson View and Botsotso.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Postscript to a spledid relationship (one of my poems, taste it)

It is never fun to say adieu.

The eyes of my mind still see you there:
a bouquet of flowers, a smile,
the colour of love in your eyes,
the feeling of warmth from your heart
around us people singing, clapping,
cameras flashing, snapping,
bearing witness to a punctuation mark
of Time.

That was then.

Now you’re no longer there. Gone.
There are things that should be undone
words that must be unsaid,
if only I could.
In the bank of our memories, I, the archivist,
shuffle through file upon file, page after page,
wondering why the day you gave me the red rose
our Time did not stand still.

Hello everyone!

Times are changing, so why not join the bandwagon of bloggers! Have been considering this sort of thing all the time, but for some reasons I have been developing cold feet.

My name is Stanley Onjezani Kenani, a Malawian writer who lives and works in Botswana as an accountant. I am a columnist for Malawi News. I also write using a pseudo in a certain Malawian newspaper.

I have been writing for a while, but success is hard to come by. I was lucky in 2007 that in a short story competition whose contestants were from the Southern African Development Community (SADC), my short story, For Honour, was named on third position by Nobel Laureate JM Coetzee. Ahead of me were two brilliant writers, Petina Gappah from Zimbabwe and Henrietta Rose-Innes from South Africa. In 2008, the same short story saw me shortlisted for the prestigious Caine Prize which was deservedly won by Henrietta Rose-Innes.

This blog is about my writing life. The two columns in the Malawian newspapers are general comments on anything that comes my way: politics, social issues, economics, anything! But this blog is strictly about writing.

Hope you keep me company!